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Welcome to Intelligent NETwork Solutions
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Georgian Music

Largest And Best Sorted Music Collection


Georgian TV and more...




Live Internet TV and Video Archive of last years...


FTP File Search

Here you can search files stored on FTP servers


Free SMS to Geocell / Lai-Lai GSM Network

Free SMS Geocell Lai-Lai GSM Network

Easy way to send SMS messages for Free


Free Phone Calls Worldwide

Free Phone Calls worldwide

it's in BETA stage but you should try it. You can call a lot of countries for free. Germany , Italy, Spain etc...




If you need help with any Inet.GE service or just want to talk, visit our forum.


Internet Radio

Internet Radio

All Streams are also available over IPv6


We are thinking about future: All Inet.GE services are IPv6 ready

We recommend Sixxs

sixxs tunnelbroker